Pen Hookah Price List In India

Pen hookah is a modern twist on traditional hookah smoking. Our modern world is the perfect setting to use E-hookahs, also called shisha hookah pens. If you wish to have a hookah wherever you go and enhance your smoking experience, check out this category and be amazed at the selection we bring you. 

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You’ll find a variety of flavored E-liquids, including those that are nicotine-free, which will be your ultimate natural smoking and can help you quit smoking. When you purchase your Pen Hookah from us, you will receive a top-quality product at the lowest possible price. All products are ready to be delivered quickly wherever you may reside in India.

How Pen Hookah Works

E-cigarettes and e-hookahs come in many different varieties of hookahs. They usually have a battery-operated heating device. The heater heats the liquid cartridge into vapor when you inhale. Depending on the cartridge, nicotine, chemicals, or flavors may be present. It also contains glycerol or propylene glycol (PEG), which looks like smoke when exhaled. Each cartridge can be used several times. Cartridges come in a variety of flavors.

How Pen Hookah Works
How Hookah Works

Alternative Names for Pen hookah

Electronic cigarettes; Electronic hookahs; Vaping; Vape pens; Mods; Pod-Mods; Electronic nicotine delivery systems; Smoking – electronic cigarettes

Best Deals & Offers Available For Pen Hookah

Basement Bazaar Glass Sarfaraaz Hookah
1Our Pick
Basement Bazaar Sarfaraaz Hookah

Glass Base, Metal Stem, Ceramic Chillum, Rubber Pipe

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22nd Pick
Basement Bazaar Mahi Glass Hookah

Metal Stem Ceramic Chillum Glass Base Wooden Mouth Piece

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33rd Pick
Basement Bazaar Refreshing Round Base

Metal Stem Ceramic Chillum Glass Base Wooden Mouth Piece

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44th Pick
Glass Hookah Yellow Pot Kharbooza

Base Colour Black with White Stripes Ceramic Black Chillum

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55th Pick
Puff King Hookah Pot Set MATT

Comes complete with a stainless-steel shaft, a beautifully cut-glass

Pen Hookah Price List

Pen Hookah Price in IndiaPrice
Basement Bazaar Mahi Glass Hookah (24.8 cm, Black)₹428.00
Metier 16 Inch Tall Opaque Black Acrylic ₹599.00
HandyWharf’s Gold Mine Series Luxury Hookah ₹989.00
Ammo Glass® 12″ Glass₹999.00
Puff King Hookah Pot Set₹1,159.00
Pegs’N’pipes Rasta ₹240.00
Pen Hookah Price Lists in India


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